Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities

At Aditya School, we believe that apart from academics, co-curricular activities play a vital role in the holistic development of a child.We offer Art & Craft, Yoga, Computer technology, Music and Physical Education as a part of these activities.Students are given opportunities to learn and pursue a number of extra-curricular activities in our school.

We offer the following activities: Vocal music,Math club,Debate club, Quiz ,Language clubclub,Classical dance (kathak),Western dance,stern dance

Digital Clock Making Activity


Aditya Pre School LET'S PLAY Activity

Ganpati Making 2023


Enrichment Activity

Fireless Cooking Activity


Co-Curricular Activities

At Aditya School, we believe that apart from academics, co-curricular activities play a vital role in the holistic development of a child.We offer Art & Craft, Yoga, Computer technology, Music and Physical Education as a part of these activities.Students are given opportunities to learn and pursue a number of extra-curricular activities in our school.

We offer the following activities: Vocal music,Math club,Debate club, Quiz ,Language clubclub,Classical dance (kathak),Western dance,stern dance

Green Day Celebration

Our Green day celebration went on very well with the backdrop of heavy rains. Children were asked to dress in Green colour which was colour of the month…. Green items and toys were displayed on the green table. Green color rhymes were sung with full enthusiasm…. and finally green leaves garland was tied around their neck as take away activity… Also we made green color caterpillar…. Over all it was looking like हरियाली छाई इधर उधर,…..

International Yoga Day

The student of Aditya English Medium School Baner, Pune celebrated International Yoga Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. A special assembly was organized to commemorate the occasion. The programme comprised of a yogic prayer in Sanskrit followed by speech about the origin of yoga, its significance and the origin of the celebration of this day.
The school is thankful to our trustee Mr. Shivlal Dhankude,Mrs. Surekha Dhankude, Mr. Viraj Dhankude, Mr.Rahul Dhankude, CEO Mam Sushma Bhosale & Principal Deepali Mam.

Indoor Games

You don’t save a picture for tomorrow. Tomorrow it may rain but rain cannot stop kids playing their games. Children enjoying playing indoor games like chess, carrom , table tennis with great enthusiasm.

Ch.Shahu Maharaj Jayanti Celebration

The seminal contribution in social, political, educational, agricultural and cultural sphere’s earned him the title of “Rajarshi”# Students of Aditya English Medium School celebrated Ch.Shahu Maharj Jayanti with a great enthusiasm by giving speeches on his life and the great work that he did for the welfare of the society.

One Minute Talk- Jr.Kg & Sr.Kg

Aditya English Medium School provided a platform for the students of Jr.Kg and Sr.Kg to fulfil their thoughts with words that invoke strength and success #One minute talk#They expreed very well 👍The motto of this talk was to develop their confidence level,stage daring.

Robotics Seminar

Robotics seminar for students of Aditya English Medium School.

Red Day Celebration

Nursery , Jr. Kg and Sr. Kg students celebrated Red Day with great enthusiasm and zest. Children were dressed in beautiful red dress…. They made Red tulip with their teacher….coloured the worksheets… Many of them brought red colour food… And then… Much awaited rain was like cherry on the top…. Children made paper boats and so many tiny boats were floating in the tub full of rain water…..

Class Project

We always believe that the children learn better by doing rather than listening… so we conduct projects periodically to reinforce what our children learn at the classroom.

Enrichment Activity

Students of grade 3 inculcating the habit of reading Marathi Newspaper. It enhances the ability to look deeply into the matters of social concern and also make them to learn more new words which will be useful for them to improve their vocabulary and reading skills.

Ganpati Festival

We all bound in equal power, strength & weakness, God blessed us with Humanity & Harmony # Our School’s shinier students celebrated Lord Ganesha Festival… we hope Ganpati Bappa shower his blessings on his children.

Fest Competitions

Our Aditya School conducted a various kinds of fest Competitions for their students, I to IV standard little young participated in Veg Painting completion meanwhile V to VIII students participated in Fireless Cooking Competition, students shows their creativity during competition.

Orientation Programme

We conducted an orientation programme for the parents to introduce them to the teaching faculty, school management and also to familiarize them with the school regulations. We also had an interactive fun session with the parents.

Navratri/ Dandiya programme

Festival Mode is on… our Aditya School celebrated Navratri and Dandiya festivals with our students, our students enjoyed Nine Days of Navratri & Nine colors of Navratri fest… students played dandiya with their friends… All our students look so beautiful in traditional wears… Their speeches & beauty made us spellbound


Lord Krishna it’s Janmashtami Festival one of the favorite day for little youngsters, our little young Radhas & Krishnas looks so adorable in their designer dresses, Dandiya/Dance/ Dahi Handi programme was their way to show students Happiness.

Visit to Chatushrungi Police Station, Pune

This is our second field visit destination… chaturshrungi Police Station, Pune where we welcome and greet to Police officers for their work meanwhile from this visit students learnt the safety and security tips, traffic rules and regulations and many more things from them.

Visit to State Bank of India

We visited SBI Baner Pune Branch from this field visit students learnt the process of Banking, Importance of Banking and saving and other other vital information of banking sectors.

Healthy Globe Smart Virtual Education Portal Launch Program

**Launching Healthy Globe Smart Virtual Education Portal – All the Faculty members & teaching staff from Aditya English Medium School & Jr. College Baner ,attended Healthy Globe Smart Virtual Education Portal Launch program on Sunday 23rd June 2019.

Personal Hygiene

To spread awareness on cleanliness as part of ‘Swachhta Abhiyan’, students of Aditya English Medium School is celebrating Swachhata Pakhwada #PersonalHygieneWorkshop.

Swachha bharat Week

Cleanliness is next to godliness. This proverb is rightly being explained by the CBSE students of grade 5 to 7 by performing skit on Swach Bharat and made aware to all of us by giving the message that the world will be a better place if everyone will plant trees, say no to plastic, not to throw garbage into the rivers and to throw wet garbage into the wet bin and dry garbage into the dry bin..

Clay Modeling Competition

#ClayModelingCompetition. Students of and used their own creativity and imagination for making different clay models… Some students made beautiful butterfly and caterpillar. Our little Shreeyog from Nursery made Chapati like his mother… Ganapati festival memories are fresh in their mind so red colour laddoos were made…. Purses for mummy.. Snakes in the garden… and also red roses were made with so much of fun and enthusiasm.

Teacher’s Day Celebration

THE TEACHER refines and reconciles the different currents of thoughts….
He/She adopts the method, not of denial but of presentation and shows how these different lines of thought converge towards the same end.
Aditya English Medium School celebrated #TeachersDay with great enthusiasm. Mr Neel Prasad Chavan Sir – Tahsildar of Pune,Mr Shivlal Dhankude Sir- Founder President of Shri Bhairavnath Shikshan Sanstha felicitated the teachers .
Students of grade 8 ,9, 10 conducted the classes. They expressed their feelings, importance of teachers in their life and also shared their incidents that they faced in their life.

Ganesh Idol Making Competition

Just by the presence of his,all the wishes are fulfilled and the obstacles are abolished.This festival is celebrated as the birth anniversary of Lord Ganesh. The Lord Ganesha is the God of prosperity and his blessings bring fruitful and prosperous outcome in our life.
#AdityaEnglishMediumSchool organised Ganesh idol making competition for students of CBSE- grade lll to Vlll.

Oral Hygiene Week

Aditya English Medium School has organized Dental check up Camp on 28th and 29th August..(Oral Hygiene Week was celebrated in AEMS in association with IDA and Colgate). Check up was done by Dr. Maithille Kulkarni ( MDS) and Dr. Pratibha Kukreja (MDS).
Kudos to Dr. Maithili and Dr. Pratibha for their kind service.

Independence day celebration

This year marks the 73rd year of freedom to live, freedom to breathe and above all the freedom to the rights of the world’s largest democratic nation. Let’s not forget the brave matyrs who laid down their lives to bring glory to our mother nation. Aditya English Medium School celebrated 73rd Independence day with utmost fervour and also pays homage to all the freedom fighters and the armed forces who fought for the country.

Rakhi Making Competition

Rakhi is the festival of siblings. Sister ties a love thread on the wrist of their brothers called as rakhi. But, the festival is not just up to only this. It delivers the deep message and make the relationship of brother and sister stronger and devoted.#RakhiMakingActivity by grade I to VIII CBSE students.

Maths Activity

Grade 5 CBSE students learning Mathematics in an interesting manner by creating a factor tree to find the factors of a number and learning how fraction is a part of a whole.

Parental Counselling Workshop

“If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail.” Aditya English Medium School organized a parental councilling workshop under the guidance of a clinical psychologist Ms. Jaya Pujara. She focused on following points: Always Respect your child,Do not compare your child with others,Spend Quality time , If they do any mistake Do not give physical punishment,Don’t pamper your child, Everyday make a habit to do his work on own.When they come in teenage just we have to keep watch on their friend circle,if he / she is going in wrong direction have to treat them as a friend.Child should feel secure about you.Do not pressurise your child about studies,if they are weak in any subject help him/ her.Always motivate your Child what they Can do Best.

Kranti Day Celebration

“The tyrant dies and his rule is over, the martyr dies and his rule begins.” It is the historic day that crowns the sacrifice of Martyrs.Aditya English Medium School celebrated 77th August Kranti Day on 9th August 2019.We paid our homage to Great Indian martyrs who lost their lives during freedom struggle. The event started by welcoming Chief Guest Mr. Viraj Dhankude Sir- Secretary of Bhairavnath Shikshan Sanstha, Mrs. Surekha Dhankude Madam- President of Bhairavnath Shikshan Sanstha, Advocate Sushma Bhosale Madam-CEO of AEMS school and Mrs. Deepali Shirgave Madam- Principal of AEMS school.Viraj Dhankude Sir addressed the students regarding history of Indian Freedom struggle. The speech competition was organized on this occasion. Students from class II to VIII participated with much vigor and enthusiasm. The function ended with motivational speech from Principal Deepali Shirgave madam..

Learning Geometrical Shapes with puppet show

Grade II students enjoyed learning geometrical shapes with puppet show. This will enhance their motor skills, imagination skills and many more..

15th Sanstha Foundation Day And Recreate Exhibition

A good education is a foundation for a better future.The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.15th Sanstha Foundation Day of Shri.Bhairavnath Shikshan Sanstha
On this auspicious day Aditya English Medium School organised Recreate Exhibition..

Session Day

Students are always known for greater knowledge and if someone shares their skills, knowledge, experiences then it’s become a ladder for students to achieve goals in the right direction. Here, we Invited IT Expert Mr. Sanket Ghorpade (Guinness World Record), our Aditya Horizonn conduct a session On Information Technology where Mr. Sanket Ghorpade share their excellent knowledge to the students, we hope this IT session will make our students more tactical experts.

Poster Making

Students intelligence, excellence makes them more unique in their own way & If it’s about their task then they set on their track, our students were participated in poster making competition where our students got few themes and according on that students shows their creativities.